Phil Richardson

Personal Projects

Using my own experiences or events witnessed, love for history, art and culture provide inspiration and context for my personal projects. Art borrows ideas, I am no different; if I see an image, a film or read a text that stokes up the imagination it can provide an idea or two for a project.

Areas that interest me are human emotions, actions, reactions and their consequences. Another is 'Surrealism', people often like to perform for these pictures. What we dream, imagine and how we want to be perceived can be reflected in an alternative scenario to one we frequent.


Man With No Boots: A man's life is falling apart, his reaction is to hide away from others & himself.
Dolore Celato: Based on Messerschmidt's pained heads, 6 men asked to expressed how they felt.
Trauma: Five people were asked to pose for trauma's that I have experienced.

35mm Film

Film photography is going through a renaissance, a medium I first used as teenager and learned about photography. It is nice format to work with, not better just different to digital.

A more relaxed photography experience encouraging my creativity and just a tool for work. I am always looking for interesting projects to my SLR and medium format cameras.