Green Chromakey Image MelenFilms 01Chromakey

Film in your office or on location and chose a suitable background for your interview or piece to camera (PTC).  The chroma key effect, also known as green screen is used in films and TV where you can superimpose a different image behind the person being filmed.

The Green Screen can be used for interviews or presenting to camera. The picture behind them can one then helps illustrate the subject they are speaking about as a still image, another video or corporate graphics or branding.

Green Screen from £295 + VAT

Teleprompter and Autocue

If you require a piece to camera (PTC) video then an autocue will help to create a natural delivery and make the filming process much easier and quicker.

The presenter is able to concentrate on their delivery and not trying to remember their lines. It’s a very simple process that will make your delivery look professional and confident.

Autocue from £295 + VAT